Walker Bay

Walker Bay

Walker Bay claim to manufacture the World’s Best Outboard Console Tenders: We think so too.

For over 24 years, Walker Bay has been designing and building the most innovative, versatile and enjoyable premium RIB tenders on the market. It is their mission to provide customers with smart, luxury, user-friendly solutions so they can fully enjoy being out on the water.

Based on a passion for boating, each product they make goes through extensive design and testing to give you the best boating experience. Constantly striving to create products that offer better value and fresh thinking, they take great pride in the joy it brings to those who own them.

Since 1997 Walker Bay has won over a dozen awards for product innovation, design, and outstanding business practices. The company was founded on the principles of dependability and customer satisfaction so it is easy to see why there are more than 100,000 Walker Bay boats in use in over 50 countries around the world.

Charles Fowler

Walker Bay produce the ‘creme de la creme’ of luxury RIB console tenders. Both highly sought after and well respected, these boats are equally at home delivering guests to a mothership as they are exploring the waterways on the way to your favourite restaurant. With a turn of speed rarely found in this sector, Walker Bay’s boats are both highly capable and have comfort and practicality in abundance.

As one of the world’s finest and most renowned manufacturers it is a privilege for us to represent Walker Bay both in London and throughout the United Kingdom. On this website I can only offer a taste of this fantastic brand; nonetheless I shall try to give you a flavour of these wonderful boats.

For more information please do get in contact with us.

Thank you.

Charles Fowler
Managing Director – Grosvenor Yachts

Walker Bay Tenders


All Walker Bay products are built using the finest materials available, designed to be incredibly durable and built to perform on the water. Throughout the design and fabrication process every detail is considered and carefully engineered. Whether you are using these boats as luxury tenders or RIBs to explore and enjoy days out, you can feel confident that you own a thoroughly premium rigid inflatable boat.

Walker Bay’s Spider Stringer Grid construction absorbs the impact from wave chop, makes the hull stronger and lighter, and provides permanent positive flotation without increasing the overall boat weight. The stringer manufacturing system allows for a more even integrated distribution load through the hull giving it extra strength when the boat is lifted. The stringer grid also connects to the transom for better transfer of power from the engine to the hull and improved planning and performance in rough conditions.

Walker Bay is proud to offer ORCA CSM fabric. ORCA CSM is the most resilient tube fabric available and is engineered to withstand high UV exposure in tropical climates. Walker Bay guarantees their ORCA CSM tubes for 10 years, the longest warranty in the industry.

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